пятница, 8 апреля 2011 г.

Philistinism And Aggression.

Actually the topic won't be about the 19th century,but about today's life.You know,in Russia we say :"You look like a petty bourgeois" to people who are wearing a lot of fur or accessories.But The  Artkillet going in spite of it.
For this spring I'm wearing a black totally agressive boots and Two rings that even have a story.
Both those rings are silver and all the gems are real.One ring(with violet gem) belongs my Granny.When there were hard times in USSR it was terribly hard to find any rings or jewerly to buy.So on one day my Grandfather presented my Granny these ring and she loved it 'till now.Who knew that there would be An Artkiller in this family?
The other one(with grey gem) belongs to my Mum.She got it on her 18th Birthday.
This week I'm listening to Hot Chip-Made in the Dark.Love it,like all the others!

And Bibio-Mind Bokeh.Mmm,great!

And  I want you to realise,If you want to stay in vogue you have to remember that you are the only brand that fits you!

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