воскресенье, 3 апреля 2011 г.

A man,who's wearing a blue shirt and brown boots is the best condition to stay in a Dairy a little bit longer

For a Year I'm living in suburb and all the time I had been sure that there is no a person here,who has ever bought a T-Shirt more expensive than 30$.Last Friday I went to the Dairy and Met a Man about 25 years old looking just totally handsome and stunning.He was wearing a Blue shirt tucked in dark blue jeans with narrow brown belt and just awesome brown boots.
I was shamelessly walking around the shelves ,turning my head 180 deegrees around.I just whispered "Men's Shoes blessed gift from God. Aesthetics in its purest form."
So returning to the topic I would like to show you an ideal individual of the opposite sex according to The Artkiller.
Looks like style of 50's.God,I need to be born 45 years before.
There are two benefits in wearing suspenders 
1.You never leave your pants at any worng place and then no-one's hubby will have any problems with you!
2.You look more creative and cheeky when you're wearing suspenders and there is a chance that you will find a girl without hubby and automatically get an alternative courageously leave your pants at her place.Think about it!
And the last two things a really idyllic man according to The Artlikker needs:

A huge backpack so your man can take your low-heeled shoes with him in a case of your leg ache!
And a bike!!!It gets thousands of benefits.One of them that you may become ecologically valuable unit of society and of course never be late at work or classes!
Spring came and I think it's Love in the Air! Kiss,miss!xx

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