воскресенье, 27 марта 2011 г.

So so so...Since my idea on the topic of this post is vague,I'll start with my fresh news.
1.Firstly,On Friday I went to the hairdresser,cause i've got a real straw on my tips.It's quite annoying,so i asked to cut the damaged hair off.It just took 30 min and 10 cm off.Here we are!
Since Friday 'till Saturday this expression of 'Fuck Yeah" had never came off.

In prespective some day I'll get this body and this length of hair!
2.Today I bought two headphones and I just Pray to the Lord that those will be the best in my life ever.Last one were done on the second day and the greatiest shit that I was going to school and just felt that there is only one earphone playing!Ohh,it always drives me crazy !Just hear me roar!Rrrrr..
3.This week I downloaded with The help of Saint Torrent and You Know Music two albums.Just wanted to recommend you.I think that stylish shoes are necessary,but without music they're useless. With no doubt,Thank God for the music.

Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion (2011)
garage rock/post-punk/lo-fi
Seekae - +Dome (2011)
[Rice Is Nice]

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