пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

Warning:A Fashion Looks Kidnapper's already here!

During all day i was just messing around and candidly made a pig of myself.Anyway,I soothe my soul with the fact that i had sticking with the diet for a month(no candies,no bread,no even small 0 calorie burger) and now i can allow myself to relax(and i guess,get all the calories back).But anyway,I will surely cope with these issues!(Godspeed!!!)

And back to the point ,I just was thinking about F/W and remembered one man,who could help me to feel engaged to this thrilling event!I visited Mr.Newton's web-site and stole some hyped street looks to share them with you,guys!
You may better learn the subject if you follow the link.
And as always remeber there is no a barrier between your imagination and reality.

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