суббота, 26 февраля 2011 г.

Memorize your past and look beyond the future

The topic of the day is a childhood.The period of everyone's life,when the foundation of one's mind,addictions and interests was built.
So I remembered few facts that surrounded me in my childhood and stuff that Tumblr gave a second breath.What can I observe on my present day dashboard?Eh?

My Mom used to polish her nails with the silver colored enamel,when I was small.And i used to borrow it secretly^^
Little Sophie in her childhood wanted to become a mermaid,'cause she was inspired by The Little Mermaid(Disney).
When i told that to my aunt she said "No,it's not so cool to be a mermaid,there is no TV underwater"

My chance to "forge" this post was hopeless from the beginning.(Holy shit!!!)Actually I am exhausted because of 
winter & freeze.
Hope the situation with the weather will change in the near future and I will become more active,cheeky 
and thrilling for you and everyone.
Anyway,have a great weekend and enjoy your entire life,dude!xx

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